Magic Fashion Events in NYC and Mauve Shoppe Photo Shoot

Your Girl Samantha back with another video this time we are in New York City we are gonna be heading over to Magic in just a little bit but we stopped to do a really quick photo shoot! Look at the mess in the back!

I am here with my girl Jenny she is a model for today and this is looking amazing. I can’t wait for you guys to see these photos so keep watching because you don’t want to miss it.

We are back in the car and we got a ton of photos for the upcoming launch and new arrivals. Super excited, tons of stuff for Black Friday. Watch the video to get a sneak peek of that.

Now we are headed up to the Jacob Javits Center for Magic and we are taking you there too, so don’t stop here let’s keep going! Let’s go see what they have.

What’s trending? We’re looking for accessories, maybe some layering pieces, nothing too crazy. Yeah! Let’s go!

We are here at Magic at Jacob Javits Center in New York City

Of course, had to stop for an iced coffee, caramel latte! We’re here so we’re gonna go on inside, we’re gonna check out some of our favorite vendors, and show you what we’re going to be bringing in so let’s go!

Thank you [Music] all right so we just stocked up on some crop tanks, super cute cardigan that’s orange and pink checkered. Love! We inserted it here in the video so you can see it.

Jenny how do you feel about this? It’s not the best magic show that we’ve been to.

But I also feel like it’s a lot of winter, and we already did a lot of winter when we went to Atlanta, so we’re trying to like juice it up a little bit but yeah it’s not looking too good.

We’re probably gonna get out of here and go have something to eat and then maybe I can make it home in time to see my son’s baseball game. Well, I made it to his baseball game, he was so happy! Thank you guys so much for watching see you next time!